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courtney brown/

Courtney is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (#LC13671) who has experience working with individuals navigating a variety of life experiences. She possesses a strong passion for providing empathy, and encouragement and offering a sense of relatable understanding to her clients. She offers support to clients wherever they are in their journey and guides them in reaching their wellness goals.


Courtney has experience working in a variety of settings and roles, including case management and community outreach. She has worked with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, life transitions, self-esteem, trauma recovery, attachment, social anxiety, family dynamic, boundary setting, career counseling, and trauma.


She believes that therapy is never a size fits all, nor is the progress made with that approach. She believes in practicing holistically: “We must understand Part A before we can heal Part B.” My job is to meet clients where they are in their journey and support them in reaching their wellness goal”.

Courtney was a former master-level intern and Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor of PsycYourMind and is now licensed at the clinical level (March 2023). Congratulations!

You can find Courtney in the Silver Spring, Maryland location for virtual sessions.

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