Zena White/ 

Clinical Student Intern

Zena is a New York native. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration from Washington Adventist University and is due to graduate with her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Fall 2021. Zena employs Narrative and Jungian approaches. She is passionate in helping individuals take charge and become the sole authors of their experiences and story. Along with mindfulness and breath work, Zena is open to exploring many avenues in therapeutic interventions such as dream work, conversations about our cultures and spiritual practices in order to understand a client’s holistic needs. Zena has interests in counseling the LGBTQ community, those dealing with complex mental health issues, trauma, and individuals experiencing career challenges. She hopes to give a different perspective of what mental health counseling is to Black and Brown people across the diaspora. 

You can find Zena in the Silver Spring, Maryland location.

We all had to start somewhere.

PsycYourMind® is committed to the training and experiential learning of up-and-coming therapists.

The graduate level internship is an integral part of the counseling academic and clinical training experience. Counseling and Clinical Mental Health graduate students are required to have over 700 hours of clinical training time before graduation.


Thereafter, another 3500+ hour residency commences with 100 hours of supervision. An approved clinical supervisor (Crystal Joseph, LCPC, LPC, ACS) manages all cases, conducting weekly supervision to help guide theoretical application. Please use Contact form if you have questions regarding sliding scale and insurances. Those with Maryland Medicaid are not allowed to be seen by Clinical Student Interns. Please consider these factors before requesting an appointment.