Crystal Joseph/ LCPC, LPC, ACS

Clinical Executive Officer

What's all that alphabet soup?!

LCPC = Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Maryland)

LPC = Licensed Professional Counselor (Virginia)

ACS = Approved Clinical Supervisor (both states)

Each state declares standards (laws) a therapist must meet before he/she/they are able to practice counseling and/or supervise others within the industry. Fun fact: Virginia was the first state to provide licensure to counselors and remains one of the most stringent states to gain one's license to practice counseling. 

Crystal specializes in Anxiety, Depression, Psycho-Oncology, Racial Identity Formation, and Cultural Trauma in the Black community. She has sixteen years experience working with persons affected by mental health challenges, systemic barriers, and culturally traumatic experiences. She is an alumna of William & Mary (Bachelor of Arts, Psychology & Black Studies) and received her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington DC.


You will not only find Crystal sitting in her office. She is an active member of her community seeking to educate graduate students about the reality of private practice; speaking to parents about test-taking anxiety during high school PTA meetings; appearing as a seminar expert for national conferences, or advocating alongside celebrities during community mental health summits. As seen in the HBO original docuseries, Black and Missing, produced by Soledad O'Brien in partnership with Black and Missing Foundation, Inc. 


As the author of Conversation with A Clinician of Color: Likeness, Lucy & Lemonade, Crystal hopes to break down the stigma of seeking mental health treatment in the Black community through continued education within a system that wasn't built for us. PoundCake & Private Practice: 5 Things I Learned During My First Year published June 2018. Crystal shares five components: . . . the chief ingredients used to make PsycYourMind® what it is today.