questions that need answers


Am I ready to begin and commit to a journey toward mental wellness and wholeness?


Do I understand a diagnosis must be applied upon the first session if I elect to use my insurance. By using insurance, I understand how this contributes to the medical industrial complex.


Do I know my insurance deductible, copay and/or coinsurance amount(s)?


Do I understand reimbursement documentation from PsycYourMind® must include a diagnosis if I use my FSA/HSA card?


Do I understand I will be asked to reschedule if I am more than 15 minutes late? (This includes Teletherapy appointments)


Do I plan to read all new client documents and complete the intake prior to my first session?


Do I understand I will be charged for no-call; no-shows . . .(as you would by a physician’s office)?


Do I understand I must be seen for six weeks before any FMLA or Emotional Support Animal statement can be provided?


Do I accept psychotherapy is not a magic bullet, nor does it produce instantaneous results?


  • CareFirst/BCBS

  • Cigna

If your insurance is not listed, PsycYourMind® does not accept it at this time.


CIGNA does not extend to Clinical Student Interns.


All major credit cards accepted.

FSA/HSA cards are accepted.


Phone consultations are free and are 15-20 minutes. Schedule via contact form or portal.


PsycYourMind is operating at 55% via a telehealth conduit at this time. 45% of clients are returning to the office. 

Carefirst/BCBS/Federal Employee Plans and Cigna clients are approved to receive this modality of therapeutic intervention.


Licensed Graduate Professional Counselors, and Residents in Counseling are able to serve clients in the jurisdiction which issued their licensure. Thank you for your consideration in our mandate to do no harm.


as you


PsycYourMind® is committed to the clinical and experiential training of up-and-coming therapists. PsycYourMind® is an approved site and educational agent.


The graduate level internship is an integral part of the counseling academic and clinical training experience. Counseling and Clinical Mental Health graduate students are required to have over 700 hours of clinical training time before graduation. Thereafter, another 3500+ hour residency commences with 100 hours of supervision.


An approved clinical supervisor (Crystal Joseph, LCPC, LPC, ACS) manages all cases, conducting weekly supervision to help guide healing.


Please use Contact Form below if you have questions regarding sliding scale and insurances.


Those with Maryland Medicaid are not allowed to be seen by Clinical Student Interns. Please consider these factors before requesting an appointment