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Sherletta is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (#LGP13687) under the
supervision of Crystal Joseph. A native Washingtonian, she earned her Bachelor of
Arts in Human Relations (2016) and her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health
Counseling (2022) from Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC. She has
experience working in the community through outreach projects, support groups,
and empowerment events with Royalty Diadem Ministries. She has worked with
people who are working through depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and identity.
Sherletta believes that mental health is the foundation for a healthy life. Working
from a humanistic, person-centered perspective, she seeks to encourage and
empower you to be your best self and live your best life.

Sherletta completed her internship with PsycYourMind and now returns to begin residency. Welcome back!

You can find Sherletta in the Maryland office.

We all had to start somewhere.

PsycYourMind® is committed to the training and experiential learning of up-and-coming therapists.

The graduate level internship is an integral part of the counseling academic and clinical training experience. Counseling and Clinical Mental Health graduate students are required to have over 700 hours of clinical training time before graduation.


Thereafter, another 3500+ hour residency commences with 100 hours of supervision. An approved clinical supervisor (Crystal Joseph, LCPC, LPC, ACS) manages all cases, conducting weekly supervision to help guide theoretical application. Please use Contact form if you have questions regarding sliding scale and insurances. Those with Maryland Medicaid are not allowed to be seen by Clinical Student Interns. Please consider these factors before requesting an appointment.

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